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In a market which is dominated with several key players & intense competition, one of the key supermarket stores in Hyderabad strived to differentiate itself from others & carve out a space for itself. The client needed a competitive positioning which augmented customer loyalty by reflecting the brand USP. The Services seeked were general communication consultancy, professional advice on store design, decoration, developing policies for defining & conveying the Brand promises to the customers.

ZeebraCross helped the client in developing a positioning strategy based around customer's emotional benefits. The strategy effectively communicated the value propositions which the customers were seeking & which client promised to deliver. The store design & internals were also based on Themes which best reflected the Brand Value providing a pleasing experience to customers every single time. The Client benefitted with an exponential growth on Customer count. Unique value propositions, creativity & pleasing visuals supported with positive in-store experience drastically improved Customer?s loyalty & supported retention & new customer Acquisiti