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Consumer communication content for Brands

Piramal Healthcare partnered InfocusRx to support with Consumer communication content for its brands. The brands include:

Caladryl, Complete, i-can, i-pill, i-sure, Jungle Magic, Jungle Magic Mosquito Banditz, Lacto Calamine Lotion, Lacto Calamine Sunshield, Lacto Calamine RENEU, Polycrol, Polycrol+ Xtra Strong, QuikKool, Saridon, SupraActive and Littles with high quality digital content. The deliverables include content writing for brand websites, consumer and doctors interview. A dedicated team of medical writers, copywriters, editors, marketers, website designers, multimedia production team, programmers and project manager, helped to accomplish the project on time satisfactorily.

Key Results Delivered:
  • All major brands and new launces Little
  • Delivered quality and uniform content style across the season