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ZeebraCross is a digital branding agency for Small and Medium Size and Start-ups businesses.

ZeebraCross is a
digital branding agency

ZeebraCross powered by team of medical specialists, expert medical writers, copywriters, marketers, multimedia production team, programmers and dedicated product managers. Successful business needs a well-crafted message, brand identity and customer engagement solutions.

Team ZeebraCross strives to help you build your strong brand identity


A head full of 'Colors'. I am an established and acknowledged designer. I like to get my hands dirty with the designs and creations, Envisioning the art and giving it a life. Also, I deeply believe in elegant minimalism in a world full of garish colors and have always been fond of Designs that are aesthetically pleasing and which can evoke one's reaction. I am just married, exploring the other side of the color palette.

Project Manager

Would love to be known as ‘Asesh’, not as ‘Ashish’. Marketer by profession, but loves solving complex business problems with deep thinking and insights (wink) . Always been interested to learn and explore new digital technologies/ applications/ tools related to business needs. I am Chef by heart and passionate about cooking. However, I don’t prefer to force others to taste my dishes, but wish to pat my back silently when people like my cooked food.


Belonging from yet another astounding place, Yanam a.k.a French Yanam. A pakka Telugu seasoned with French culture - Or our people call it as 'Frelugu'. I have always been passionate about Designing and Development, but always strived to be versatile in my life and aiming for the right goals was never difficult, as I am a Gold Medalist in IGC Firing, by NCC. I have always been driven by Artworks and the music that compliments.



Over 18 years of experience in Information Technology and Digital Healthcare.

I am passionate about building brands and marketing solutions. Thanks to my Indian Airforce roots, I have been fortunate enough to travel the length and width of India, thus I understand people socially and culturally better. In addition, my international marketing experience and exposure helps me further to design usable branding solutions keeping the global trends and competition in mind. When I am not busy building brands, you can find me cycling and running- these activities are the secret sauce of my creative and strategic inclination. When your work is your passion, you enjoy waking up to different business challenges, to build unique success stories, and to deliver promise to your customers, every single day

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