Deccan Ka Dum: Uniting Fans Globally – An Offline-Online Campaign for Deccan Charges IPL-2010

Introduction: In the year 2010, the Deccan Chargers, an IPL team based in Hyderabad, faced an unfortunate predicament. Due to ongoing issues surrounding the Andhra Pradesh Bandh, the team was unable to play matches in their home ground. However, in the face of adversity, the Deccan Ka Dum campaign emerged as a beacon of hope, aiming to connect fans from around the world and bolster the team’s spirit.

Objective: This offline-online campaign sought to achieve two primary objectives:

  1. Fans across the world can come and share the cheer message on the website and their cheer message was presented to Deccan Chargers Team.
  2. Photo shoot across Hyderabad- Secunderabad was done to pull more fan and support for their favourite team.

Worldwide fans send their cheer message on the website and the message was presented to Deccan Chargers Team

In a remarkable display of unwavering support, fans from all corners of the world joined forces to uplift the spirits of their beloved team. The Deccan Ka Dum campaign provided an online platform for fans to share their heartfelt cheer messages, acting as a powerful catalyst to bolster the team’s morale. 

Photography Contest – The best 13 photos were used for calendar 2011 to cheer Deccan Chargers. All the participants received free 2011 calendar.

The motion-like film “Deccan Nights” incorporated a staggering 7000 still images. Furthermore, the campaign extensively utilized crowd sourcing by incorporating over 3000 clips from various cricket grounds and gully cricket matches. 

The Deccan Ka Dum team had the honor of being featured both in a live match and in the renowned newspaper, Deccan Chronicle. 

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