Social Media marketing for health and wellness business

Social Media Marketing for health and wellness business

In Feb 2021, while planning and rolling out #ResponsibleNutrition campaign by our parent company IMC Digital Health ( www.imcdigital.life ) for NutrifyToday, we understood the importance of the campaign to bring awareness to consumers about the claims of dietary supplements, functional foods, and nutritional ingredients manufacture for healthy living.

Today’s consumers are focused on wellness and healthcare which has increased the demand for nutraceuticals and food supplements sales online. The success of online sales depends on building the right content strategy for its social media communication and promotions. Many businesses fail to keep their social media pages updated due to a lack of expertise, resources, and the ability to develop medically accurate content with a creative blend. Therefore, ZeebraCross has introduced four custom content packages for social media communications for SMEs and Startups to communicate digitally like Fortune 500 companies. Our health writers and digital strategy experts draft unique content connecting your customers and prospects with health tips, articles on prevention and treatment of diseases, the right nutrition, wellness, and lifestyles which medically accurate and evidence-based. Check https://www.zeebracross.com/package/ and power your digital strategy with an evidence-based content strategy.

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