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Evidence-based branding solution

What is Evidence-based Branding ?

Evidence-based branding ensures that your business maintains the competitive advantage, staying one step ahead of the competition and maximizing ROI.

Evidence-based branding uses facts and accurate information to empower consumers to take informed decision.

This is achieved using statistics, research , trend analysis, coupled with industry best practices and active engagement with the customers voice to prove the product or services promised are delivered as claimed by the company.

ZeebraCross: An additional ‘e’ in ZeebraCross indicates an “E”- The Evidence


Using SMART Content Marketing Strategy
Our healthcare subject matter expert team strategize, creates and help your marketing members distributing the valuable, relevant, and consistent SMART content to attract, engage and retain target audience towards your business objectives.







What is [ Online-Branding-in-a-Box ] ?

Responsive Website

Enable digital growth with seamless design and development approach

Content Development

SMART content development with evidence-based practice

CRM Activation

Effective Customer Activation Strategy with CRM integration


Drive business growth by understanding online traffic behaviour

Payment gateway integration

Hassle free, quick revenue generation with easy payment gateway

Content Marketing Strategy

Engage, educate, and convert your audience with custom content solution

Marketplace Activation & Marketing Services

Build your marketplace with our content, design, and marketing expertise

Online store Activation & Marketing Services

Design, build and operate your online store with our knowledge driven content, design, and marketing expertise

Social Media Platform Activation & Marketing Services

Design and build social media channels for effective brand communications

Search Engine Optimization

Increase your website visibility, boost traffic inflow, and improve ranking with optimized content, keyword targeting, link building & other

Chatbot Activation & Marketing Services

Never become offline to the digital world with Chatbot activation

Telemedicine Activation & Marketing Services

Integrate telemedicine application with your website to drive engagement and revenue

Annual Maintenance Contract

Cost-effective way to maintain your website up-to-date, fresh, effective and efficient

Account Manager Support

Dedicated account manager with team of experts to make sure your online presence is always LIVE

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