GenePoweRx – Revolutionizing Healthcare Through Genomic Testing

Client Overview:

GenePoweRx is an innovative startup leveraging AI technology to provide advanced genomic testing solutions. With a focus on personalized medicine, GenePoweRx offers genetic tests and analysis reports to assist patients and physicians in diagnosing and treating various health conditions.

Through strategic collaboration and innovative initiatives, GenePoweRx successfully revolutionized healthcare by leveraging AI-driven genomic testing solutions using IMC4Growth go-to-market strategy. The comprehensive approach to branding, product launch, education, and digital marketing resulted in heightened awareness, increased engagement, and accelerated growth for GenePoweRx in the rapidly evolving field of personalized medicine.


GenePoweRx faced the challenge of establishing its brand identity, launching its genetic testing products, and educating both consumers and healthcare professionals about the benefits of genomic testing. Additionally, the company aimed to drive demand for its services through digital marketing and organize a successful Continuing Medical Education (CME) event to showcase its capabilities.


In collaboration with GenePoweRx, IMC4Growth implemented a comprehensive strategy to address the client's challenges:

Branding and Online Positioning:

IMC4Growth developed a cohesive branding strategy for GenePoweRx, highlighting its innovative approach to genomic testing. This included creating a compelling online presence to showcase the company's services and value proposition.

Product Design and Distribution:

IMC4Growth assisted GenePoweRx in designing its genetic testing products, ensuring they were user-friendly and clinically accurate. Distribution channels ( Hospital Growth partnership) were established to make the products accessible to consumers and healthcare providers.

Community Portal -

A dedicated community portal,, was created to educate consumers about genetics and the benefits of genomic testing. The portal served as an interactive platform for sharing information, engaging with the audience, and promoting GenePoweRx's services.

ATGC Life Newsletter:

IMC4Growth launched the ATGC Life Newsletter, aimed at educating doctors and channel partners about the latest advancements in genomic testing and personalized medicine. The newsletter provided valuable insights, case studies, and updates on GenePoweRx's products and services.

ATGCLife CME Event:

The ATGCLife event was organized to showcase GenePoweRx's genetic testing capabilities, particularly in cancer care with its OncoRx product. Over 200 medical doctors participated in the event, witnessing live demonstrations and learning about the franchise opportunities offered by GenePoweRx.

Content Strategy and Digital Marketing:

IMC4Growth developed a content strategy for digital marketing, focusing on creating informative and engaging content to raise awareness about genomic testing and drive demand for GenePoweRx's services. This included social media campaigns, blog posts, and educational videos.


The collaborative efforts between GenePoweRx and IMC4Growth yielded significant results:


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