Positioning: World’s #1, Predictive Health Analytics Platform for Population Health

Core Area: Marketing Transformation and Offshore Expansion


VitreosHealth, a leading SaaS Predictive Health Analytics company based in Dallas, Texas, sought to enhance its market presence and accelerate its growth trajectory. Formerly known as PSCI, the company aimed to rebrand and expand its operations in Population Health space.

IMC4Growth's partnership with VitreosHealth exemplifies the transformative impact of strategic collaboration in marketing transformation and business development expansion. By leveraging IMC4Growth's marketing expertise and resources, VitreosHealth achieved substantial growth, rebranding success, and market expansion, positioning itself as a leader in the competitive SaaS Predictive Health Analytics landscape.

IMC4Growth's Involvement

Since 2013, VitreosHealth has engaged in a strategic partnership with IMC4Growth to achieve its objectives. The core areas of collaboration included:

Rebranding Initiative: IMC4Growth led a comprehensive rebranding exercise, transitioning PSCI into VitreosHealth. This involved conceptualizing and executing a new brand identity, reflecting the company's evolution and aspirations.

Marketing Transformation: IMC4Growth played a pivotal role in driving marketing transformation for VitreosHealth. This encompassed pre-sales activities, development of impactful marketing collateral such as case studies and whitepapers, and implementation of marketing automation for the SaaS platform.

Offshore Expansion: A key milestone in the partnership was the establishment of an Offshore Center in Hyderabad, India. IMC4Growth facilitated this initiative, enabling VitreosHealth to tap into global talent and expand its operational capabilities.

Market Presence Enhancement: IMC4Growth actively participated in various Health Tech and VC conferences across the USA and India, elevating VitreosHealth's visibility and market presence.


The strategic collaboration between IMC4Growth and VitreosHealth yielded significant outcomes:


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