Konnect Diagnostics – Accelerating Growth in the Diagnostics Industry

Client Overview:

Konnect Diagnostics is a rapidly growing startup in the diagnostics industry, founded in October 2019 with its first center located in the states of Telangana, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh. With a commitment to providing accessible and reliable diagnostic services, Konnect Diagnostics aims to revolutionize the healthcare landscape in India.

Through strategic collaboration with IMC4Growth, Konnect Diagnostics successfully established its brand presence, enhanced customer engagement, and streamlined its operations in the diagnostics industry. The startup's commitment to innovation and quality has positioned it for continued growth and success in the healthcare market.


As a new player in the diagnostics industry, Konnect Diagnostics faced the challenge of establishing its brand presence, attracting customers, and streamlining its operations. The goal was to create a robust e-commerce platform for test booking and diagnostics purchase, enhance online branding and positioning, and develop medically accurate content for the portal and social media channels.


IMC4Growth collaborated with Konnect Diagnostics to develop a comprehensive digital strategy tailored to the needs of the startup:

E-commerce Platform Development:

IMC4Growth designed and developed a robust e-commerce platform for Konnect Diagnostics, allowing customers to conveniently book tests and purchase diagnostics online. The platform featured a user-friendly interface, secure payment options, and seamless integration with the company's backend systems.

Online Branding and Positioning:

A strategic online branding and positioning strategy was devised to highlight Konnect Diagnostics' commitment to quality, reliability, and accessibility. This included creating engaging content, optimizing the company's website for search engines, and leveraging social media platforms to reach and engage with the target audience.

Medically Accurate Content Creation:

IMC4Growth collaborated with medical experts to develop medically accurate content for the Konnect Diagnostics portal. This content covered a wide range of topics related to diagnostic tests, health conditions, and wellness tips, providing valuable information to customers and establishing Konnect Diagnostics as a trusted source of healthcare knowledge.

Social Media Content Strategy:

A content strategy was developed for Konnect Diagnostics' social media channels, focusing on engaging and informative content that resonated with the target audience. This included creating visually appealing graphics, videos, and blog posts, as well as sharing customer testimonials and success stories to build credibility and trust.


The implementation of the digital strategy led to significant results for Konnect Diagnostics:


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