IMC4Growth’s Collaboration with SPG – Sai Ganga Panakeia Pvt. Ltd.

Core Area: Marketing Strategy


SPG - Sai Ganga Panakeia Pvt. Ltd. is a company dedicated to advancing medical technologies and clinical methodologies by integrating modern allopathic medicine with ancient Indian wisdom of Ayurveda. Seeking to enhance its market presence and product offerings, SPG partnered with IMC4Growth to drive marketing strategy and product development initiatives.

IMC4Growth's partnership with SPG exemplifies the transformative impact of strategic collaboration in marketing strategy and product development. By leveraging IMC4Growth's expertise and resources, SPG successfully positioned itself as a leader in integrating modern medicine with ancient Ayurvedic wisdom, driving innovation and improving healthcare outcomes.

IMC4Growth's Contribution:

As an integral part of SPG's marketing and product development efforts, IMC4Growth spearheaded several key initiatives:

Entity Creation:

  1. IPSA – Institute of Poly Scientific Ayurveda: IMC4Growth conceptualized and established IPSA, focusing on advancing Ayurvedic principles through scientific research and education.
  2. Novodigm – Chain of SGP’s Poly Clinics: IMC4Growth developed Novodigm, a chain of poly clinics following a hub-and-spoke model, offering integrated healthcare services.
  3. Docture-Poly: IMC4Growth introduced Docture-Poly- Wearable health device built for maintaining homeostasis . Docture-Poly offers personalized dietary, herbal and lifestyle recommendations to restore and protect the body’s natural balance based on VPK-42.

Marketing and Branding:

  1. Competitive Positioning: IMC4Growth devised a competitive positioning strategy to differentiate SPG’s offerings in the market.
  2. Brand Strategy and Guidelines: IMC4Growth crafted a comprehensive brand strategy and guidelines to maintain consistency across all marketing communications
  3. Distribution Channel Development: IMC4Growth developed distribution channels to expand SPG’s reach and accessibility.
  4. Website Development: IMC4Growth created user-friendly websites to showcase SPG’s products and services effectively.
  5. Marketing Collaterals: IMC4Growth designed impactful marketing collaterals to communicate SPG’s value proposition to target audiences.
  6. Digital Marketing Strategy: IMC4Growth formulated a digital marketing strategy to enhance online visibility and engagement.


The collaboration between IMC4Growth and SPG yielded significant outcomes:

Establishment of innovative entities, including IPSA, Novodigm, and Docture-Poly, enhancing SPG's market offerings. Development of robust marketing strategies and branding initiatives, elevating SPG's brand presence and visibility. Expansion of distribution channels and implementation of digital marketing strategies, driving customer engagement and lead generation.


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