LuminO’art – Reviving Traditional Craftsmanship in Modern Times

Client Overview:

LuminO’art is a manufacturing startup that collaborates directly with artisans to produce lamps and idols inspired by the era of Rajaraja Chola. By combining traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design, LuminO’art aims to preserve ancient art forms while empowering artisans through sustainable income sharing.

The collaboration between LuminO’art and IMC4Growth exemplifies the successful integration of traditional craftsmanship with modern business practices. By leveraging branding, e-commerce, packaging, pricing, and digital marketing strategies, LuminO’art was able to establish a strong brand presence, drive sales, and preserve ancient art forms for future generations.


LuminO’art sought to establish its brand in the market and create an online presence to showcase its unique products. The company aimed to position itself as a symbol of heritage and craftsmanship while appealing to modern consumers. Additionally, LuminO’art aimed to develop an e-commerce platform to facilitate sales and reach a wider audience.


IMC4Growth collaborated with LuminO’art to address its business objectives through a comprehensive strategy:

Branding and Positioning:

IMC4 Growth led a branding initiative to establish LuminO’art as a symbol of traditional craftsmanship and heritage. This involved developing a brand identity that reflected the company's values and commitment to preserving ancient art forms.

E-Commerce Portal Development:

A user-friendly e-commerce platform was designed and developed to showcase LuminO’art's products and facilitate online sales. The platform was optimized for easy navigation and seamless transactions, providing customers with a convenient shopping experience.

Packaging and Pricing Strategy:

IMC4 Growth worked with LuminO’art to design packaging that reflected the brand's ethos and enhanced the product presentation. Additionally, a pricing strategy was developed to ensure competitiveness in the market while maintaining profitability.

Digital Marketing Initiatives:

A targeted digital marketing strategy was implemented to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to the e-commerce portal. This included social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and content marketing to engage with the target audience and promote LuminO’art's products.


The collaboration between LuminO’art and IMC4 Growth yielded significant outcomes:


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